Chocolate army tank cake

Chocolate army tank cake

I often surprise myself when I look back over these pages and find that a recipe I thought I’d just posted turns out to be over a year old. I’m sure like me, you often find yourself saying things like time fly’s or where the heck did that year go and believe me, that it is so much more evident when you have children. It only seems like the other day that I was holding my little bundle of cuddliness and in a blink of an eye I find a handsome little man stood grinning cheekily before me. Continue reading “Chocolate army tank cake”


Grumpy by name…

In 1971 a little six year-old boy (same age as my small one) asked his dad what was a tickle? This is what inspired his dad Roger Hargreaves to create a little orange man with extraordinarily long arms. And so, Mr. Tickle was born, the first of the Mr. Men.

The small one was never a great sleeper. From the time he outgrew his cradle at 9 months old and I moved him into his own room, his night sleeps became disturbed and broken. Continue reading “Grumpy by name…”