apple and pear crumble

Apple and pear crumble

We wear many hats. We have to, in order to meet the daily demands placed upon us in our home, family, work and even social lives. Sometimes though, we forget to put the right hat on at the right time, or worst again leave an extra one on and in doing so don’t allow ourselves to give the full attention needed in areas that are so very important. Like… making sure our children are getting enough exercise.  Continue reading “apple and pear crumble”


Blackberry crumble muffins

Waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning to the sound of birds chirping, sunlight trying to creep in under the blinds and the small one breathing softly beside me and the hubby is a moment to treasure. (The small one incidentally creeps in most mornings – before dawn – to get a snuggle).

Living in the countryside has its rewards, especially during the month of September when blackberries are in abundance and best of all… FREE. Myself and the small one took to the back garden the other day and gathered enough blackberries to make muffins for the morning cuppa. Continue reading “Blackberry crumble muffins”