chocolate biscuit shards

Halloween night, the small one got invited to go trick or treating with his school friend. We live in the countryside so from his very first Halloween at three months old, we have buckled his little dressed up self, safely into the car and spent the evening driving from Nanny to grandad and Uncle to Aunt in a quest to fill his little pumpkin shaped bucket.

Unlike me, he had never experienced the thrill of running up a garden path… ringing a doorbell… standing back to wait eagerly for it to be opened… the trick or treat chorus… or the end treasure… a handful of monkey nuts, an apple or a few pennies. How all that’s changed… Now behind those closed doors lie boxes filled with party bags, filled with candy, ready to be handed out to little dressed up ghouls and ghosts. By the third house the small one had got the hang of it and was gone like a bat out of hell, up and down the driveways of the estates, eyes and smile growing madly wider behind his zombie painted face, as his overflowing pumpkin bucket (yes we still use it) had to be replaced by a larger festive bag. Click here for Recipe



Chocolate banana bread

On my way out to work the other morning, I caught a glimse of a speckled, blackening banana peeking out of the fruit bowl and not one for wasting food, I set off with a plan to bake with it later. You see, this is how I operate.

Chocolate banana bread

I tend to unknowingly create a vicious circle of baking. This lone banana would have been better off just mashed up, spread on a lightly toasted bagel, sprinkled with a little cinnamon and eaten for my breakfast. Problem solved. Banana gone. But no… this lady likes to dramatise.

So I spent my day planning what I could later bake with my forsaken banana. Calling to the shop on my way home from work, I threw a load of ingredients into my already overflowing basket aswell as a bunch of bananas? Continue reading “Chocolate banana bread”

Creepy crawly cake

The small one celebrated his seventh birthday last Saturday and amongst all his lovely presents was a most unfortunate gift – his little hand in a cast.

Creepy-crawly cake

The hubby has commented many a time over the years about how I wrap the small one up in cotton wool and if I’m honest he has a point. I have played the over-protected mother from the very moment I sensed him growing inside me.

I didn’t plan it that way… it was a serious of events beyond my control that moulded me into this role and only time could and would allow me to let go, ever so very gently of these mothering strings.

Continue reading “Creepy crawly cake”

Caramel creme egg brownies

Sweet heavens above… I feel like I should throw myself to my knees and grovel for forgiveness for sharing these brownies with you. Or at the very least issue a bonibakes warning.

Caramel creme egg brownies

If not bad enough these brownies are laden down with dark chocolate, walnuts and broken up creme egg pieces… But then… topped with a layer of ice-cream-like hot caramel, sprinkled over with even more cream egg pieces and finally smothered with the remaining caramel, melting into the creme egg goo in the process.

I physically felt like I was gaining many pounds just making them, but you see, I had left-over Easter chocolate to get rid of. Yes really. In a house where a six-year-old roams about, you could be excused for wondering, why seven weeks later is there still lingering Easter eggs? Continue reading “Caramel creme egg brownies”

Mygella chocolate banana muffins

I’m a big fan of Nigella and whilst I try to eat healthily most of the time it’s nice not to analysis the fat content of everything day after day, so I find her to be a breath of fresh air.


Bananas in baking never really appealed to me, but one of my favourite recipes is Nigella’s Chocolate and Banana muffins – so easy to make – these are great for using up any lingering black bananas lurking about the kitchen AND because of the chocolate content you don’t get that unbearable sweetness of the banana or that greenness throughout the cake. Continue reading “Mygella chocolate banana muffins”