almond banana bread

Almond banana bread

Two things us Irish are renowned the world over for – a pint of Guinness and our constant need to talk about the weather. So here goes… Wow… What a summer we’ve had and some of us can be still found clinging on to those last rays of sunshine as we move steadily into October, whilst secretly wondering is it time for the long boots yet? The weather has been so amazing AND so needed after the unsettled stormy start we had to the year. A full two days without rain is what we usually call our Summer in this country and are quite thankful for it too I might add, so to say we have been spoilt rotten this year is an under statement.

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Chocolate banana bread

On my way out to work the other morning, I caught a glimse of a speckled, blackening banana peeking out of the fruit bowl and not one for wasting food, I set off with a plan to bake with it later. You see, this is how I operate.

Chocolate banana bread

I tend to unknowingly create a vicious circle of baking. This lone banana would have been better off just mashed up, spread on a lightly toasted bagel, sprinkled with a little cinnamon and eaten for my breakfast. Problem solved. Banana gone. But no… this lady likes to dramatise.

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