These four chocolate cream cheese cookies recipes are hand-picked from all sources so we are really proud of these visually-stunning cookies all using CREAM CHEESE as the main ingredient!

Using cream cheese – you get a lot of benefits in the recipes. The dough seems to be more buttery, which is surprising given that there is probably less butter used. The cream cheese isn’t discernible, but it adds complexity, density, and richness to the cookies that my daily chocolate chip cookies lack.

Use spreadable cream cheese or cream cheese in a block. Push it in into a quarter-cup measuring cup and combine it with the butter and sugars to make a creamed mixture. To ensure plenty of chocolate in every bite, I used a mixture of 2 1/4 cups chocolate chips and chunks.

The cream cheese cookies are light and cakey, and they remind me of soft batch cookies. The thick interiors are smooth, tender, and moist, with slightly chewy edges. Cornstarch is my go-to ingredient when it comes to making super soft cookies. Since one of the first ingredients in pudding mix is ‘modified food starch,’ or cornstarch, the cookies turn out soft. Here’s the same idea, except without the pudding mix.

After trying these soft batch cookies and being unable to put them down, I’m curious what would happen if I replaced some of the butter in some of my other favourite cookie recipes with cream cheese. I’m excited to begin taste-testing and make up for lost time!

We just made some of these chocolate cream cheese cookies a few days ago, and they are by far the best cookies my family and I have ever tasted! Since this was my first time making a dessert from scratch, the little notes you left were incredibly helpful. Simple directions, and what a fantastic result. The cookies are also very filling! I was blown away by how moist the cookies were. In the past, the cookies were still rock hard after they were taken out of the oven and cooled. However, they maintained the same fluffy quality in the two days they were available before being consumed. My family and I aren’t huge cream cheese fans, but I’ll admit that I still forget that I used cream cheese in them, despite the fact that I made them!