Orange Chocolate Torte


Some nights after I put the small one down for the night. Read the bedtime story, had a snuggle, a kiss and another. Switched off the light, said goodnight and a kiss one more… I curl up on the sofa, my fluffy brown fleece blanket drapped around me for warmth and breathe out a contented sigh. My small one tucked up safely. The dogs – one big, one small – fed and prowling the night air. The hubby stretched out in the black leather recliner, arms folded across chest engrossed in yet another documentary.

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Sweet potato cake

Sweet potato cake

Ah Sunday mornings… my lazy moments of pleasure. With no urgency to be anywhere or do anything, I usually bake the small one Vanilla scones or his favorite Chocolate banana muffins and we would sit together – still in our night-clothes – watching cartoons whilst tucking into our freshly baked breakfast.  Continue reading “Sweet potato cake”

Sweet plum jam

Sweet pum jam

These started out as the sourest plums ever. And I do mean EVER. The first bite sent my taste buds racing. I actually thought I was going to cry and as I quickly turned to try stop the small one taking a bite I saw his little expression contort. Too late… I had planned to share a pancake recipe with you today seeing as the annual feast day is approaching.  Continue reading “Sweet plum jam”

Upside down clementine sponge cake

When you serve up a meal to family and friends or smuggly produce a freshly baked cake for unexpected visitors, do you search for facial expressions of pleasure? Or do you listen carefully for little sounds of approval? Or do you just ask straight out for the opinion?

Clementine upside down sponge cake

I kinda do all three and in that order too. Even though I know I can hold my own in the kitchen – the mam thought us all well. She made sure we would at the very least be able to combine a few ingredients to dish up a good healthy meal when the time came for us all to leave the nest and fend for ourselves… and eventually our own small ones. Continue reading “Upside down clementine sponge cake”

Hidden vegetable pizza

My first post of the New year and I have to be honest with you, I really struggled to get something together.

Hidden vegetable pizza

You see, I got comfortable over the holidays and retreated into a little world where my usual everyday routine had no place or meaning and as for baking? Well… after many dining out days and countless visits to friends and family with offers of cakes and pudding and biscuits and mince pies and shiny colourful wrapped sweets – not to mention a bountiful of cake tins filled with similar goodies to feast on at home – that to add to this yet another bake, I felt would not only be detrimental to my sanity, but more so, to my festive weight gain.  Continue reading “Hidden vegetable pizza”

Orange and almond mincemeat fingers

Well today is my day for posting and it just happens to have landed on St. Stephen’s Day…

Orange and almond mincemeat fingers

And… If you are feeling anything like me you probably don’t want to look at anymore food, let alone bake for that matter. As I’m sure a lot of bellies will be still feeling the effects from yesterday’s festive over indulgence and fridges are bursting open with left-overs, with little or no need to cook today. Continue reading “Orange and almond mincemeat fingers”