How To Make Bread

Bread. It’s one of those things that is so commonplace, it’s often taken for granted. But have you ever stopped to think about how bread is made? It’s a little more complicated than just throwing some flour and water together! In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through the process of making bread from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Check our beginners guide for baking bread.

You can start with our Introduction To Baking article guide for more details.

Then you can check our guide on Stages of Making Bread.

New to bread-making? No worries! You’ll find your way around the process with these three articles. Once you have mastered basic techniques, check out our dough mastery posts for more tips and tricks on how best make use of them in baking recipes (and even learn some new ones!).

The Stages of Bread Making

All the steps you need to get started and perfect your first bread. Follow the beginner’s recipe and use the articles below to improve your skills and knowledge. Watch your baking skills improve along this journey and make bread to impress! Start with the stages of bread making.


  • The Differences Between a Soaker and Autolyse Explained
  • The Autolyse Process For Bread Bakers
  • How A Levain Works to Make Bread Rise


  • How To Weigh Flour When Baking Bread?
  • What Is Bassinage In Bread Baking?


  • Why Knead Bread? What is the point?
  • Desired Dough Temperature – How To Calculate and Reach it

Bulk Fermentation

  • How Long Does It Take To Make Bread… Really?
  • Why does dough need to be covered? What’s the point?
  • How Long Can Dough Sit Out?
  • Bulk Fermentation (First Rise) Explained
  • What Does Yeast Do To Bread? Bread Fermentation Process
  • How to Stretch and Fold


  • Making Bread in Bulk – How to Make Big Batches of Dough


  • Shaping Bread Dough | 19 Ways To Shape And Preshape Bread
  • How To Make An Oil Slick To Make Kneading Easier


  • How Long Does It Take For Bread To Rise?
  • A Guide on Proofing Bread in the Oven – Does it Really Work?
  • Bread Proofing Guide Table
  • Proofing Bread | How To Perfect The Final Rise
  • What is The Best Bread Proofing Temperature?


  • Scoring Bread – Everything you need to know


  • How Many Loaves Of Bread Can You Bake At Once?
  • How To Tell When Bread is Done With or Without a Thermometer
  • How to Detect and Fix Heat Spots in an Oven
  • How to Fix Electric Oven Temperature Problems
  • Secrets of Baking Bread in a Home Oven
  • What Temperature Should I Bake Bread? Fine Tune Your Recipe!
  • Adding Water to an Oven to Make Steam – Best Way Explained
  • Can You Open The Oven Door When Baking Bread?
  • How Oven Spring Works – Best Explanation On How It Works!
  • How To Fix Problems With Your Bread Oven


  • How Much Weight Does Bread Lose When Baked?
  • How Long To Let Bread Cool Down After Leaving The Oven

Finising & Storing

  • How Long Does Bread Last In The Fridge?
  • Can You Freeze Old Bread? – Is It Worth It?
  • How Long Can You Freeze Store-Bought Bread?
  • Can You Freeze Bread With Paper Towels?
  • How To Freeze French Bread
  • How to Separate Frozen Bread Slices
  • How to Freeze Sliced Bread
  • Can You Freeze Bread In Original Packaging?
  • How To Freeze Bread Without Plastic
  • Can You Freeze Artisan Bread?
  • Can You Eat Bread After The Expiration Date?
  • How to Preserve Bread To Stay Fresh For Longer
  • Best Way To Defrost Bread | What’s The Right Method?
  • Can Bread Be Refrozen? How To Refreeze & Defrost Bread
  • How To Store Bread (and the science behind it!)
  • Finishing Bread Guide – Glazes, Washes, And Toppings

Dough Mastery

These are more for advanced bread bakers although if you are new to bread baking you may still find these dough mastery topics useful.

  • How to Write Your Own Bread Recipe
  • How to Increase the Amount of Water in Bread
  • How To Master Dough Hydration
  • Does Dough Need Oxygen To Rise? Oxidation Explained!
  • How to Increase The Batch Size Of A Bread Recipe
  • Bakers Percentages & Bakers Formula | All you need to know