apple and pear crumble

Apple and pear crumble

We wear many hats. We have to, in order to meet the daily demands placed upon us in our home, family, work and even social lives. Sometimes though, we forget to put the right hat on at the right time, or worst again leave an extra one on and in doing so don’t allow ourselves to give the full attention needed in areas that are so very important. Like… making sure our children are getting enough exercise.  Continue reading “apple and pear crumble”


Orange mousse trifle

You know how you look forward to that one day and all of a sudden it’s upon you… and you want it to last, so you try to stall it, but it arrives anyway… and passes in a blink of an eye.

Orange mousse trifle

Well it’s that day now… All Hallows’ Eve… and I’m feverish because I’ve so much to do. You see I have a small gathering planned for tomorrow and I’ve promised the small one a little Halloween bash of his own today so my morning will be filled with baking for both parties.

Then there’s the final decorations to be hung, goodie bags to be filled with festive treats for our scary little guests and spooky games to be set up for them to play. Continue reading “Orange mousse trifle”

Wild Blackberry cobbler

I am often in awe of the folk behind some of the fabulous food blogs I follow and how they create beautiful mouth-watering dishes from a variety of home-grown produce, fresh from their very own gardens.

Wild blackberry cobbler

One of my favourite fairy tales when I was a small one was Rapunzel. I used to imagine when I got older, owning a country cottage with a fabulous herb garden (like the one the evil witch in the story owned) to grow my own fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Raspberry flan

Bonibakes turned one year old this month. So in true Bonibakes style, I’ve baked us a flan to celebrate and I’ve topped it with the most amazing tasting, raspberry cheesecake filling. Sprinkled over with more raspberries and served with freshly whipped cream. Yum.

Raspberry Flan

I really cannot believe one whole year has passed since I went live with this blog. Like most mums and dads, I have thousands of stories queued up in this sleepless mind of mine, just waiting to be told (if not already… one hundred times over) about the antics of my six (very soon to be seven) year old son.

Those little things he says or does, a funny facial expression or even a stubborn standoff at bedtime, that makes me stop and think… or laugh out loud… or just maybe make my insides flip with love for this child (boldness and all).

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Apple sponge tart

The Mam makes the best apple tarts – I might have mentioned that a few times – but she really does make great tasting apple tarts.

Apple sponge tart

She still amazes me to this day how she knows just the right amount of everything without so much as a scales in sight. And… how quickly she can have a couple of freshly baked tarts lined up for all the family.

You see… she can’t make just the one apple tart, ′cause if any of the family get even the slightest hint that she’s baking then she’s bombarded with visitors. So thankfully she makes batches to feed and keep us all happy.

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