Chocolate army tank cake

Chocolate army tank cake

I often surprise myself when I look back over these pages and find that a recipe I thought I’d just posted turns out to be over a year old. I’m sure like me, you often find yourself saying things like time fly’s or where the heck did that year go and believe me, that it is so much more evident when you have children. It only seems like the other day that I was holding my little bundle of cuddliness and in a blink of an eye I find a handsome little man stood grinning cheekily before me. Continue reading “Chocolate army tank cake”


Triple chocolate brownies

I received the best compliment ever. The small one arrived home from school, the day after his school fair – which I had baked these triple chocolate brownies for the cake sale – eagar to tell me that his little friend had said I was a good cook.

Triple chocolate brownies

“Your mammy makes great brownies” he told the small one, who had a look of pride on his little face whilst telling me this story. Double whow. I laughed with the hubby as we pictured these little people having such grown up conversations. A comment like that from a six-year-old was a joy to receive because children – as we all know – can often be so brutally honest. Continue reading “Triple chocolate brownies”

Caramel creme egg brownies

Sweet heavens above… I feel like I should throw myself to my knees and grovel for forgiveness for sharing these brownies with you. Or at the very least issue a bonibakes warning.

Caramel creme egg brownies

If not bad enough these brownies are laden down with dark chocolate, walnuts and broken up creme egg pieces… But then… topped with a layer of ice-cream-like hot caramel, sprinkled over with even more cream egg pieces and finally smothered with the remaining caramel, melting into the creme egg goo in the process.

I physically felt like I was gaining many pounds just making them, but you see, I had left-over Easter chocolate to get rid of. Yes really. In a house where a six-year-old roams about, you could be excused for wondering, why seven weeks later is there still lingering Easter eggs? Continue reading “Caramel creme egg brownies”