almond banana bread

Almond banana bread

Two things us Irish are renowned the world over for – a pint of Guinness and our constant need to talk about the weather. So here goes… Wow… What a summer we’ve had and some of us can be still found clinging on to those last rays of sunshine as we move steadily into October, whilst secretly wondering is it time for the long boots yet? The weather has been so amazing AND so needed after the unsettled stormy start we had to the year. A full two days without rain is what we usually call our Summer in this country and are quite thankful for it too I might add, so to say we have been spoilt rotten this year is an under statement.

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Vanilla scones

Well peeps I’m afraid that’s it… the small ones are all back seated at their desks in school. Summer is officially over, as I realised quite abruptly last Friday morning, whilst trying to drag the small one out from underneath his batman duvet cover for his first day back.

Vanilla scones

After the lazy blissfulness of dropping the small one off unfed at his Nanny’s house each morning, I’m back in the land of making healthy and filling breakfast and school lunches before I leave for work. Anything that will give the small one enough brain fuel to get him through those extra hours, that come with moving into first class.

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Chocolate banana bread

On my way out to work the other morning, I caught a glimse of a speckled, blackening banana peeking out of the fruit bowl and not one for wasting food, I set off with a plan to bake with it later. You see, this is how I operate.

Chocolate banana bread

I tend to unknowingly create a vicious circle of baking. This lone banana would have been better off just mashed up, spread on a lightly toasted bagel, sprinkled with a little cinnamon and eaten for my breakfast. Problem solved. Banana gone. But no… this lady likes to dramatise.

So I spent my day planning what I could later bake with my forsaken banana. Calling to the shop on my way home from work, I threw a load of ingredients into my already overflowing basket aswell as a bunch of bananas? Continue reading “Chocolate banana bread”

Hot cross buns

Having spent many an evening searching through my cookbooks and endless supply of torn-out recipe clippings for an Easter recipe, I surprised myself by deciding on a batch of Hot cross buns. I had a brain-stack of ideas for pretty cakes or muffins to bake… simple little things.

Hot cross buns

I like simple. Bake, admire, taste and quickly move on – might have something to do with the constant deadlines I need to meet in work, or maybe just a lack of patience.

Either way, Hot cross buns are not high on my simply baking list, but they are seasonal… and I do love their spicy flavour… so I bought some yeast, set an evening aside – because you really do – scrubbed the small one’s hands, made promises of great fun and we got baking. Continue reading “Hot cross buns”

Raspberry and coconut scones

It was 28 degrees, one of the hottest summers I can remember… a pint of milk cost 56c, a postage stamp was 48c and CSI New York had just aired on Irish Television. It was Sunday July 9th 2006… the day myself and the hubby introduced our baby small one to his new home on the outside world, for the very first time.


I had dodged the matron at the hospital for three days. I was terrified. Terrified of leaving the safety of the hospital… terrified of not being able to care for my baby… terrified of what motherhood generally had in wait for me.

In a matter of moments your life changes. Suddenly you are not the most important person in your world. You now have a small one to protect, comfort and watch over. You are a mother and every decision you make from this day on will affect your child. Continue reading “Raspberry and coconut scones”