chocolate biscuit shards

Halloween night, the small one got invited to go trick or treating with his school friend. We live in the countryside so from his very first Halloween at three months old, we have buckled his little dressed up self, safely into the car and spent the evening driving from Nanny to grandad and Uncle to Aunt in a quest to fill his little pumpkin shaped bucket.

Unlike me, he had never experienced the thrill of running up a garden path… ringing a doorbell… standing back to wait eagerly for it to be opened… the trick or treat chorus… or the end treasure… a handful of monkey nuts, an apple or a few pennies. How all that’s changed… Now behind those closed doors lie boxes filled with party bags, filled with candy, ready to be handed out to little dressed up ghouls and ghosts. By the third house the small one had got the hang of it and was gone like a bat out of hell, up and down the driveways of the estates, eyes and smile growing madly wider behind his zombie painted face, as his overflowing pumpkin bucket (yes we still use it) had to be replaced by a larger festive bag. Click here for Recipe



Chocolate toffee S’mores

A very, very long time ago, the hubby and I went through a phase where we spent most of our weekends camping at motorbike rallies – oblivious to the tranquility of nature.

Chocolate toffee s'mores

Now, that little bit older (and I like to think, in some ways a little bit wiser), I enjoy a wee bit of luxury when on holiday. And yet… last year I found myself back in that era, due to the small one’s sudden fascination with all things camping. How could I refuse those pleading, twinkling brown eyes?

I couldn’t. So I googled… and googled… and googled some more. Searching for something – anything – that would please us all and that’s when I came across the term Glamping. Suddenly the possibilities were endless. So endless in fact (and surprisingly enjoyable) – that we set off posh camping again last week.
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Triple chocolate brownies

I received the best compliment ever. The small one arrived home from school, the day after his school fair – which I had baked these triple chocolate brownies for the cake sale – eagar to tell me that his little friend had said I was a good cook.

Triple chocolate brownies

“Your mammy makes great brownies” he told the small one, who had a look of pride on his little face whilst telling me this story. Double whow. I laughed with the hubby as we pictured these little people having such grown up conversations. A comment like that from a six-year-old was a joy to receive because children – as we all know – can often be so brutally honest. Continue reading “Triple chocolate brownies”

Fruit and nut cookies

Can you believe that four months of the year are nearly behind us. I had such great plans in January for healthy living, and eating and made promises of baked goodies to share with you on the blog.

Fruit & nut cookies

Well, I suppose thinking back I have made somewhat of an effort…

Like… most weekends myself, the hubby, the small one and our two German shepherds (one female, one male) go for a long stroll in the nearby forest park, hail, rain or snow (and there has been lots of that recently). Of course that’s after a massive Irish fry-up.

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Giant chocolate centred cookies

Oh dear Lord… The guilt… And no, not because I ate five of these delectably delicious chocolate centred cookies in a very short period of time. No… much… much worse. In the six years I have been a working mum, I have never had the heart-strings tugged so tightly as I did a few weeks back.

Giant chocolate centred cookies_4

The small one, having just finished school for his Midterm break and helping me to stuff these cookies with chocolate spread, looked up at me with a sad little face, sighed and said. “My friends are so lucky to have their mammy’s and daddy’s with them while they are on holidays”.

The pain shot right through me… I didn’t see that one coming. Seriously, how does one answer that. My first reaction? I wanted to cuddle him tight and tell him I would take holidays to be with him. Continue reading “Giant chocolate centred cookies”

Smartie cookies

A few Christmases ago… three to be precise, I helped the small one to write his letter to Santa, address it to The North Pole, seal it in an envelope and post it.


Then disaster… I turned to find my small one sobbing uncontrollably, begging me in between trying to catch a breath, to get his letter to Santa back. To say that I had thought of doing a Mr. Bean on it wouldn’t be a lie. To those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Bean, he is an extremely amusing, if not annoying character, who in one of his comedy series climbs into a post box to retrieve a letter he posted. That was funny… this wasn’t.

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