pumpkin pinata

Halloween pumpkin pinata

Midterm is nearly upon us again and we’ll soon be looking for ideas to keep our small ones busy during their Halloween break. So I’ve got just the thing and even though there’s no baking involved… there is still flour… and there is definitely messiness, which lets face it, our kids love. Here’s what you’ll need to make this Halloween pumpkin piñata.

A balloon, 1/2 cup of flour, 1 cup water, newspaper, orange tissue paper, orange crepe paper, black card, white paper, 2 craft eyes, green cupcake case, ribbon or string, paper glue and most importantly – lots of candy.

Halloween pumpkin pinata

Steps 1-4. Mix the flour and water together to form a paste. Blow up your balloon. Cut the newspaper into stripes. Dip it in the paste, wrap it around the balloon and smooth down. Using this method cover the whole balloon leaving a biggish hole at the top. Repeat this three to four times. Leave overnight to dry.

Halloween pumpkin pinata

Steps 5-8. When the balloon is dry, gently let the air out and carefully pull the burst balloon through the opening. Using paper glue cover the balloon in orange tissue paper. Next, with the crepe paper still folded, cut it into even strips. Unwrap each strip and cut into three even lengths. Dab some paper glue around the opening at the top and stick each strip from the top allowing them to flow down the sides. Repeat until the strips cover the complete balloon. Leave to dry.

Halloween pumpkin pinata

Steps 9-12. Cut two oval shapes from the black card for the eyes, stick the craft eyes to these and then on to the piñata. For the mouth, cut out a half-moon shape from the black card and stick on under the eyes. Cut out a few small squares from the white paper for the teeth and stick onto the mouth. Now for the fun part… Fill the piñata with lots… and lots… and lots of candy. Glue the cupcake case on to seal the top and using a sharp object carefully pierce a small hole on either side at the top, thread through the ribbon and tie a knot. Tie your Halloween pumpkin piñata on to a tree branch, sit back and watch the small ones have amazing fun.

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