Strawberry and coconut kisses

Carefully colouring in a picture whilst waiting to see the optician, the small one was complemented by the friendly receptionist on his artwork. Eyes wide open – pupils dilated from the earlier eye drops – he turned to inform her that he would be going to Art college, just like his mum.

And is Mum a good artist? she asked. The best, the small one replied, she can draw anything I ask her to, even my Ninja turtles. This is one of those moments where words escape you. Your child is praising you to a height with no limitations and you feel like you are dancing amidst the stars. Ten minutes later however my star burst and I fell back into reality as the optician gently told the small one he was ever-so-slightly shortsighted and would need to wear glasses – just like his mum – but only during class to see the blackboard. Now, this was deemed great by the small one, but for me I felt like I had failed him.


You hope when you have your children that they will inherit the very best parts of you… the working parts… and from the time the small one was born I prayed he’d have good eyesight – just like his dad. I should’ve known though when his eyes changed in his first year, from his dad’s slate blue to my sometimes green, more times brown. Then I think, Oh dear, I’ve turned into my own Mum, who also wears the guilty look when talking about our shortsightedness.

Both the sisters, one younger, one older, wear glasses as did she (before the laser) and her mother before her, so I guess my small one is just flying the inheritance flag. Anyways, glasses are so much more cooler now than when I was his age… and his eyes are blessfully healthy… and he is healthy… and happy. So all guilt set aside, we make an appointment to go in search of frames at the weekend and then home to bake these little strawberry and coconut kisses especially for him from me – my little small one, whom nothing ever seems to phase – unlike his mum.

Strawberry and coconut kisses

Strawberry and coconut kisses

Makes 30 • Baking time: Approx 3-4 minutes (using a cake pop maker)

110g sugar
110g soft margarine
2 eggs
120g self-raising flour
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoons of low-fat strawberry yogurt
To decorate
Approx 6 tablespoons strawberry jam
50g desiccated coconut

1. Cream the butter and sugar together. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.
2. Beat in the vanilla extract and the yogurt. Sieve the flour and fold into the mixture.
3. Heat the cake pop maker as per instructions, lightly brushing each hole with oil before adding the cake mixture.
4. Spoon a teaspoon full of the mixture into each hole and cook for 3-4 minutes. Repeat until all the mixture is gone.
5. Heat the jam slightly. Roll each cake first in the jam, ensuring to cover it all and then in the coconut.

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry and coconut kisses

  1. Hi Siobhan. I have a Kindle Fire, which I am writing from now. I would love to save your post/recipes to my ‘Pocket’ app (allows you to save items to read offline) but your ‘share’ section only allows you to use Facebook, google plus, pinterest. Donal Skehan’ s blog has a share section. You just click ‘share’ & every share option you could ever imagine pops up. Most sites have this option now. Would you be able to add this to your ‘share’ section? I really enjoy reading your posts. Many thanks. Emma

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