Chocolate toffee S’mores

A very, very long time ago, the hubby and I went through a phase where we spent most of our weekends camping at motorbike rallies – oblivious to the tranquility of nature.

Chocolate toffee s'mores

Now, that little bit older (and I like to think, in some ways a little bit wiser), I enjoy a wee bit of luxury when on holiday. And yet… last year I found myself back in that era, due to the small one’s sudden fascination with all things camping. How could I refuse those pleading, twinkling brown eyes?

I couldn’t. So I googled… and googled… and googled some more. Searching for something – anything – that would please us all and that’s when I came across the term Glamping. Suddenly the possibilities were endless. So endless in fact (and surprisingly enjoyable) – that we set off posh camping again last week.

Chocolate toffee smores_3

Although a relatively new trend in Europe – its origins dating back to Africa – glamping sites are popping up everywhere and even though everything you could need is in the tent, packing clothes for the Irish weather is another experience in itself, despite being in the midst of a most uncanny heat wave.

Camping’s not for everyone, but for us as a family, it allows us to take time out from the hectic chaos of life and enjoy each other’s company. With no television, computers – or more importantly, house work – there is little to cause distraction and a blissful laziness gently sets in. Days are spent exploring nature, playing board games and dining al fresco. Whilst evenings slowly pass by, unwinding at the campfire telling Ghost stories, singing and happily toasting marshmallows for these easy, no-bake, original camping dessert… The S’more.

Chocolate toffee smores_2

Chocolate toffee S’mores

Makes 1 • Toasting time: A few seconds

2 Toffee pop biscuits
2 Marshmallows

1. Toast the marshmallows on a stick over the camp fire, then place on top of chocolate side of the toffee pop biscuit.
2. Cover the marshmallows with the other biscuit, chocolate side facing down and squish down so the marshmallows ooze out the sides. Shake the sides with sprinkles.

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