Trick or treat

I know… I know… It’s a little too early to be thinking Halloween… Or is it?

It’s funny how the days and weeks skip by so quickly when you work in magazines. It’s all about timings and getting out there ahead of the seasons.

In a few short weeks, whilst everyone else will be rummaging through the magazine stands looking for inspirational ideas for Halloween, Studio (as us designers go by in work) will already be working on the Christmas editions.

I guess in some ways we are all guilty of living the fast pace society has set for us. Time to slow down…

So for me and the small one, the month of October will be filled with all things Halloween – we’ll spend our evenings making fun crafts such as these and baking lots of ghoulish but yummy food in preparation for my favourite festival (next to Christmas of course).

Candy cauldron

What you need
Round yogurt pots
Black pipe cleaners
Elastic bands
Black tissue paper
Plastic eyes
Plastic insects

1. Using a plate as a guide draw and cut out a circle from the tissue paper.
2. Sit the yogurt pot in the centre of the round tissue paper, fold into the pot. and secure with tape.
3. Put the elastic band around the rim of the pot.
4. Thread a pipe cleaner in through the elastic band and tie a knot on both sides.
5. Glue the eyes on (you could paint the eyes on instead) and also some creepy crawlies on the handle.
6. Fill with lots of goodies.

Pumpkin pouches

What you need
Inspired by
Round yogurt pots
Orange tissue paper
Elastic bands
Green tape or ribbon
Plastic eyes

1. Using a plate as a guide, draw and cut 2 circles out of the tissue paper.
2. Sit the yogurt pot in the centre of the round tissue paper, fold the circle into the pot and secure with tape.
3. Stick a lollypop down into the bottom of the pot (stick facing upwards) and fill around it with sweets.
4. Place the other circle of tissue paper over the stick and wrap some green tape or ribbon around it (this is for the stalk of the pumpkin). Drap the paper down the sides of the pot and tape neatly underneath.
5. Glue or paint on the eyes.

Edible ghost pop

What you need
Round lolly pops
Edible rice paper sheets
Edible black icing pen
String of liquorice

1. Peel the paper on the lollypop (if wrapped).
2. Drap a sheet of edible rice paper over it and tie the liquorice around it tightly.
3. Draw on the eyes and mouth with an edible pen.

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