Halloween pumpkin pinata

Well whether we want to believe it or not, midterm is nearly upon us and we’re gonna be looking for ideas to keep our small ones busy during their Halloween break.

Halloween pumpkin pinata

So I’ve got just the thing and even though there’s no baking involved… there is still flour… and there is definitely messiness, which lets face it, our kids love. Here’s what you’ll need to make this Halloween pumpkin piñata. Continue Reading »

Almond banana bread

Two things us Irish are renowned the world over for – a pint of Guinness and our constant need to talk about the weather. So here goes… Wow. Just Wow.

Almond banana bread

What a summer we’ve had and some of us can be still found clinging on to those last rays of sunshine as we move steadily into October, whilst secretly wondering is it time for the long boots yet? The weather has been so amazing AND so needed after the unsettled stormy start we had to the year. A full two days without rain is what we usually call our Summer in this country and are quite thankful for it too I might add, so to say we have been spoilt rotten this year is an under statement.

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I often surprise myself when I look back over these pages and find that a recipe I thought I’d just posted turns out to be over a year old.

Chocolate army tank cake

I’m sure like me, you often find yourself saying things like time fly’s or where the heck did that year go and believe me, that it is so much more evident when you have children. It only seems like the other day that I was holding my little bundle of cuddliness and in a blink of an eye I find a handsome little man stood grinning cheekily before me. Continue Reading »

At the beginning of this year, the small one’s school sent a note home to all parents detailing a list of fundraising events they hoped to organise before the Summer holidays.

Honey and lemon cake

And… at the beginning of every New Year I promise myself wholeheartedly to do some form of exercise or diet in a bid to shed the ‘Can’t hide it anymore’ festive binge. This year was no different except for the fact that I have actually stuck to that promise. Continue Reading »

We wear many hats. We have to, in order to meet the daily demands placed upon us in our home, family, work and even social lives. Sometimes though, we forget to put the right hat on at the right time, or worst again leave an extra one on and in doing so don’t allow ourselves to give the full attention needed in areas that are so very important.

Apple and pear crumble

Like… making sure our children are getting enough exercise. Did you know that 4 out of 5 Irish children do not meet the physical activity guideline to be active for at least 60 minutes a day? No? Well, me neither, but this fact comes from a study by Safefood Ireland who have introduced an exciting campaign called “Bring back play” to encourage physical activity through play, as part of their 3 year campaign to help fight obesity in our children. Continue Reading »

Some nights after I put the small one down for the night. Read the bedtime story, had a snuggle, a kiss and another. Switched off the light, said goodnight and a kiss one more…


I curl up on the sofa, my fluffy brown fleece blanket drapped around me for warmth and breathe out a contented sigh. My small one tucked up safely. The dogs – one big, one small – fed and prowling the night air. The hubby stretched out in the black leather recliner, arms folded across chest engrossed in yet another documentary.

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Fruit and nut bars

Sugar… Is it the new evil? Since the recent announcement from the World Health Organisation that we were seriously in need of cutting back on how much sugar we consume the media has been awash on the subject.

But did we not already know that eating too much sugar was bad for us? That it provides no nutritional value… that it can cause tooth decay… and that it is most certainly a contributor to obesity along with a host of other illnesses.  Continue Reading »

Sweet potato cake

Ah Sunday mornings… my lazy moments of pleasure. With no urgency to be anywhere or do anything, I usually bake the small one Vanilla scones or his favorite Chocolate banana muffins and we would sit together – still in our night-clothes – watching cartoons whilst tucking into our freshly baked breakfast.

Sweet potato cake

One particular weekend I got tired looking at a sweet potato – bought for a dish that never materialised – and decided to use it up. So I roasted it, popped it into a cake with lots of lovely spices and left it overnight to mellow. I always think this type of cake tastes so much better the day after, when flavours have had time to intertwine. Continue Reading »

Sweet plum jam

These started out as the sourest plums ever. And I do mean EVER. One bite in their original state sent our taste buds racing. I actually thought I was going to cry and as I quickly turned with puckering lips to stop the small one taking a bite I saw his little expression contort. Too late…

Sweet pum jam

I had planned to share another pancake recipe with you today seeing as the annual feast – and I do mean feast as in eat lots and lots – day is approaching. After our encounter however, with these tart plums I decided to use them up and share this jam recipe instead. Continue Reading »

Carefully colouring in a picture whilst waiting to see the optician, the small one was complemented by the friendly receptionist on his artwork. Eyes wide open – pupils dilated from the earlier eye drops – he turned to inform her that he would be going to Art college, just like his mum.

Strawberry and coconut kisses

And is Mum a good artist? she asked. The best, the small one replied, she can draw anything I ask her to, even my Ninja turtles. This is one of those moments where words escape you. Your child is praising you to a height with no limitations and you feel like you are dancing amidst the stars. Continue Reading »

When you serve up a meal to family and friends or smuggly produce a freshly baked cake for unexpected visitors, do you search for facial expressions of pleasure? Or do you listen carefully for little sounds of approval? Or do you just ask straight out for the opinion?

Clementine upside down sponge cake

I kinda do all three and in that order too. Even though I know I can hold my own in the kitchen – the mam thought us all well. She made sure we would at the very least be able to combine a few ingredients to dish up a good healthy meal when the time came for us all to leave the nest and fend for ourselves… and eventually our own small ones. Continue Reading »

Hidden vegetable pizza

My first post of the New year and I have to be honest with you, I really struggled to get something together.

Hidden vegetable pizza

You see, I got comfortable over the holidays and retreated into a little world where my usual everyday routine had no place or meaning and as for baking? Well… after many dining out days and countless visits to friends and family with offers of cakes and pudding and biscuits and mince pies and shiny colourful wrapped sweets – not to mention a bountiful of cake tins filled with similar goodies to feast on at home – that to add to this yet another bake, I felt would not only be detrimental to my sanity, but more so, to my festive weight gain.  Continue Reading »


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